About Us


Clothes are a way to express yourself.  With our designs at Mystic pulchritude, you get to make a statement with every outfit. What we offer goes way beyond just clothes, we care about allowing our customers to be themselves and to be bold about their opinions. We cater to women of all backgrounds but if you’re the type of independent woman who follows her own rules and loves her freedom fiercely, welcome home!
Our Designs -
We offer a unique variety of Boho Style clothes made with organic cotton, genuine animal fur, natural fiber, etc.
Please read description for every unique item.

Our Vision -
We intend to keep our subscribers updated on upcoming deals, offers, and discounts. Our company is relatively new to this business and we started it because we believe we can provide the best genuine boho/ethic clothes at affordable prices. We also stand against the notion of only the wealthy being able to afford luxurious clothes. That is why we sell authentic and affordable garments at our stores and online. We believe in a future where all women can dress as they please and not be held back by restrictions. We want to reach women all over the world, and we provide free worldwide shipping (2-3weeks).

Our Passion -
Boho clothes can make you feel optimistic and see every opportunity in a new light. It was our dream to walk beside every woman in her journey through self-discovery, and this is how we hope to achieve it. It would be our immense pride for women to wear our clothes proudly and face life with a radiant smile on their faces. Life is a runway, and you can walk it wearing the clothes you love! 

The History -
Boho or “boho chic” is short for Bohemian Style. Bohemian means “a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts.” It refers to a person who doesn’t live to please others and meet society’s expectations, but rather does his/her own thing. Essentially worn by “hippies” when it reached the height of its popularity in the sixties and seventies, this style puts its focus on breezy and free flowing fabrics. However, you cannot limit this beautiful style of clothing to one particular era as it’s been around long before the sixties and has made a big comeback in the recent times. Famous personalities such as Blake Lively, Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Moss, and Sienna Miller tend to wear boho wear a lot and have even based parts of their personalities around it. You simply cannot go wrong with Boho clothes!