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Hands down, this is one of our favorite looks for fall 2018. No other color screams passion more than an elegant, ankle-length red dress. The bright tone of this wardrobe essential will make you stand out this season and, though vintage, no other will make your silhouette look as contemporary as this piece.

Fall is the perfect time to come to life wearing a dress like this. Red is especially good for attracting attention…of that special someone, maybe? It's romantic and sexy all at once, but it’s also easy to wear without being too overbearing.

Admit it. You want it! And we couldn’t blame you for it. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? The red trend continues throughout this year and makes this dress a must-have for fancy parties, weddings, that cocktail you have at work or you can simply opt to incorporate it as part of your Sunday best attire, after all, if you are wearing it you’ll definitely look your best.

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